Ten Things NOT to do to a Widow

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Here are ten things not to do to a widow who is struggling to survive after her fiancés suicide. Of course there are more; It’s amazing how insensitive and selfish people can be!

10. Ask her, “Why did he do that to you?”

9. Pretend it didn’t happen and when you see her next joke around about the size of her butt instead of acknowledging the horrible tragedy she’s trying to survive.

8. Tell her she’s your best friend and sleep with her and then insist she keep it a secret so your chances with other women are not diminished.

7. Forget about being patient with her when it’s Christmastime and she doesn’t want to decorate and tell her she’s being selfish and you’ve had a harder life than anyone else.

6. Cut her off from the family and tell her your psychiatrist told you not to speak to her anymore.

5. Talk to a lawyer to see if you can legally get all her late fiancé’s belongings from her.

4. Tell her not to change her last name to her late fiancé’s; tell her to just do what you did after your divorce and forget all that “baggage” and go back to your maiden name.

3. Call her frequently to talk about your own trivial problems and don’t bother to ask her how she is doing. And if she says she’s not doing well, ignore that. When she gets upset after you’ve done this several times get your wife to call her back and shame her for hurting your feelings.

2. When she asks for help, tell her not to be so selfish, that after your father died you didn’t ask anyone to pay your bills.

And #1…this is a good one…

Tell her that her dead fiancé’s spirit is hanging around with you now.



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