Month: July 2020

I’ve been wanting to paint cupcakes

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In process…

I’ve been wanting to paint cupcakes, and sock monkeys, and vintage pink princess telephones, and vintage diner ice cream signs….

This one might have to stay in my kitchen. I’ll paint you your very own? What flavor cupcake in your favorite? What color frosting do you like? Do you want a cherry on top? Do you want it in a foil cup? Do you want a vintage clown decoration stuck in it?

Don’t you think cupcake decorations should be little spoons that stick into the cupcake with a decoration on the end of the handle so you can eat cupcakes in public without messing up your lipstick?

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Fight or Flight!

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In process

The fear and anxiety of this pandemic is activating that basic irrational human instinct of Fight or Flight. Instinctually we want to live and we want to feel safe and comfortable while we do it. For many people, when they feel intimidated they go into fight mode. See Karen refusing to wear a mask and having a tantrum in the grocery store.

For me it’s always Flight! Run! Get away and go hide someplace where I feel safe! Go to my happy place – go to Poppyland…

For the past couple of days I’ve been hiding in my studio, back to painting my friends, the sock monkeys. Now they are enjoying a huge buttery bowl of popcorn and watching a moving on their vintage Movector Super 16 projector.

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