Month: November 2015

Oh, It’s U! and The Adventures of Selling Art

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Oh It's U-KellyLTaylor

Oh, It’s U! oil on cavas, 18″x18″

Today is for painting. But first, a few words…

Last weekend was the Keep It Local Art Show. While peddlin’ my wares, I fell in love with a llama, met some wonderful fellow artists, visited with friends, ate some delicious chile, received lots of favorable feedback, sold some work, and donated this painting in the Art Hunt to raise money for the One Step Further food pantry. (We raised 596 pounds of food and $400 dollars!) With a canned food or cash donation you could hunt for free art and go home with something cool.

I wonder who found my painting. I wonder who’s wall it’s on now. I wonder who passed it buy cuz it was “too creepy.” One guy (who seemed creepier than my clowns!) said he saw it on the art hunt and although it was well executed, he wasn’t keen on the subject matter. Seriously? So, apparently, creepy doesn’t attract creepy, or maybe it does.  

Anyway, It was great fun! I think I’ll do it again in the Spring.


paintingpoppy at keep it local fall2015

PrincessInca at Keep it Local

The Fabulous Princess Inca, Infamous Celebrity of Oak Ridge, NC


Jack and Rosie

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This is Jack and Rosie. They lost their heads and found each other.

How did they get here? Where have they been? Who loved them before? Who loved Rosie so much that she has a worn spot on the back of her head where there is no painted hair? She used to have a soft body and a chest with a noise maker that whined when you rocked her. Now she is silent, paint flaking off her pouty lips.

And Jack wonders why so many people shudder and say, “Creepy!” when they see him. He’s nice. Just look at his smile.

Clairsentience, also referred to as psychometry or psychometrics, is the ability to perceive the history of an object or person by touching it. Wouldn’t that be fun?? Maybe not…

Jack & Rose, oil on canvas, 8″x8″, contact me for pricing.