It’s ON! Ray’s hiking the PCT!

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It’s officially happening! Ray is hiking the PCT – that’s the Pacific Crest Trail. That’s 2,650 miles walking up and down mountains, through forests, deserts, sun, rain, snow… all with everything he needs to eat, sleep…live on his back. For five months! It’s a dream come true! …by the way, for any of you who don’t know, Ray is my boyfriend – Ray Knirs.

After months of thinking, planning, dreaming, researching, collecting gear, one failed attempt to get a permit… his permit was finally approved and a start date was set! March 14th!

Ray has almost everything he needs now except a few pieces of gear, food, etc. (see list below) but he’s still working on one major thing – piece of mind, knowing he’ll have enough cash to fund this endeavor.

He’s working to make all this happen on his own of course, too stubborn to ask for help or sponsors, so I’m reaching out. I’m doing this “secretly.” I don’t think he’ll see this blog post, but if he does he’ll just have to figure out how to accept help from the people who love him.

To help Ray make it from Mexico to Canada on the PCT this Spring, contact me! My email is paintingpoppy@gmail.com.

I’m HQ – I’ll be shipping him resupply boxes along the way and tracking his progress and giving y’all updates on where he is and how he’s doing along the way. I’m even planning to fly out there (probably in Oregon or Washington) to hike with him for a week.

Here’s what Ray still needs, as of right this minute, till he figures out he needs something else:

  • rain poncho
  • sealskin socks
  • polyester base layer tights
  • more freeze-dried and dehydrated foods
  • CASH for his plane ticket back, shipping resupply boxes, resupplies, a few motel stays (He’ll have to take a shower once in a while – Ha!) and maybe cash to bribe for rides into town to resupply.

You can paypal me at paintingpoppy@gmail.com or Venmo me or send a check…whatever is easiest for you. Thank you!

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