Immortalize Your Favorite Friend

I absolutely love making portraits of people’s beloved teddy bears and other toys! Getting to know them, hearing their story, posing them, and lighting them to accentuate their best features…

Go up to the attic or under your bed or in the back of your closet and find your favorite childhood toy again. Give him a hug and then commission me to paint a portrait for you!

Recreate a Vintage Photo

Faded and soft, like a memory…

Commission a portrait from a faded black and white snapshot of your loved one – like a smiling face from sunny day at the beach sometime in the early 1950’s.

I translate a black and white photo into a color portrait in oil paints – bringing the soft colors of the time, like a bathing suit and towel, back to life and adding the blush to her skin, flushed from the warmth of the summer sun

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All works are oil on canvas

size: price:
9×12 $250
12×16 $350

18×24 $400
20×24 $450
24×30 $500

Kory Bear