Give Art for the holidays!

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When you give Art for holiday gifts (and birthday gifts, anniversary gifts…) you do something lovely for TWO people: the recipient of your wonderful and thoughtful gift and the artist who created it! Well OK, maybe THREE people because you can also feel good about what you’re giving.


Troll - Kelly L. TaylorHappy Holidays, Everyone!


Keep It Local!

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IMG_20151010_124229_767It’s a cloudy dreary Saturday here in the piedmont, North Carolina. But I’m not missing anything; I’m in my studio painting.

I’m getting ready for the annual fall Keep it Local show in Oak Ridge, NC. I don’t usually schlep my paintings to outdoor shows (I prefer my work in galleries with proper lighting; I’m a snob that way.) but this event is super fun!

On a small cozy farm in Oak Ridge, NC, nestled away from the main road, with LeeAnne Pizio’s precious little studio/gallery building beckoning, the sound of clucking chickens and crowing roosters, and friendly dogs to welcome you, it’s the perfect backdrop for an art fest.

There will be over 20 craftspeople (including me!), wonderful musicians, an art hunt, and Princess Inca the Llama…! Plus it’s on Halloween day–only the best holiday of the year!

And, by the way, what’s this anti-candy corn movement I’ve been hearing about?? Sacrilege!


It’s OK. They’re Artists!

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The adventures of an artist–the continuing and ever surprising saga of trying to exist in a world that doesn’t quite understand us…


One summer day Jeff and I had taken a job building a fence at the home of a woman I knew. (Jeff could build and fix just about anything, so we were perpetually looking for odd jobs to supplement our income.) After we met with my friend, discussed what she needed and agreed on a price, we showed up as planned to begin work. The homeowner was going to be at work that day and had directed us to just set up in the backyard and go ahead and get started. Shortly after, an alarmed-looking woman came trudging down the driveway, talking on her phone. She was the next door neighbor calling the homeowner to report that there was something suspicious going on in her backyard. We were friendly and introduced ourselves and chatted a bit, of course. After she interrogated us and looked around at our tools, etc. she seemed assured that we were not burglars and she went off on her way.

Later my friend called me to tell me her side of the amusing story. Here is the conversation she had with Mrs. Conservative Nosey Neighbor who called her at work to report the “disturbance” in her backyard:

Nosey Neighbor: Are you aware that there are people in your yard?! There’s a guy covered with tattoos and a woman in a black halter top! (I can assure you I was NOT wearing a “halter top” it being 2011 and all. It was a tank top; it was summer! And we didn’t rumble in on a Harley but even if we did…)

Homeowner: Oh! It’s OK…They’re Artists! We hired them to build a fence for us.

Nosey Neighbor: You hired artists to build a fence?! Are you sure they’ll get it straight?

Homeowner: (trying not to laugh audibly) Yes, I think they’ll do just fine.

Here are the scary-looking culprits:


This was Jeff, a skilled blacksmith, wood-worker, sculptor, and jeweler who graduated with a BFA summa cum laude and me a realist painter. And yes, we did get the fence straight.